Visose fabrics

Visose fabrics

We carry also viscose fabrics; stretching, heavy punto di milano jersey and stretch viscose crepe.

Punto jersey has double-knitted structure. It has excellent opacity and can be used for a different kind of garments. Comfortable punto fabric is heavy enough for dresses,  jackets and trousers, it is comfortable for home wear but ideally neat for office wear as well.

Heavily falling, stretching viscose crepe is ideal for bridal gowns, evening gowns, trousers, skirts and dresses.



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Sample cut

Product no.: 9999-1


Stretch viscose crepe ochre

Product no.: 7300-952

89.00 / m

Stretch viscose crepe dark blue

Product no.: 7300-951

89.00 / m

Stretch viscose crepe petrol

Product no.: 7300-950

89.00 / m

Stretch viscose crepe putty

Product no.: 7300-700

89.00 / m

Stretch viscose crepe ivory

Product no.: 7300-010

89.00 / m

Stretch viscose crepe white

Product no.: 7300-012

79.00 / m

Stretch viscose crepe black

Product no.: 7300-810

89.00 / m

Punto di milano heavy viscose jersey

Product no.: 6000

49.00 / m

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