Tweed is durable wool fabric suirtable for hats, skirts, dresses, blazers and trousers and also blazers and trousers for men. Tweed has been used for decorative pillow covers and wven for sound speaker upholstery.

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Wool fabric tweed blue

Product no.: 3820-520

99.00 / m

Sample cut

Product no.: 9999-1


Wool cashmere fabric tweed dark blue

Product no.: 3823-570

110.00 / m

Wool blend fabric tweed herringbone

Product no.: 3825

99.00 / m

Wool fabric tweed greyish blue

Product no.: 3824-510

110.00 / m

Stretching wool mix fabric tweed light blue

Product no.: 3824-500

89.00 / m

Wool fabric tweed pink

Product no.: 3824-600

99.00 / m

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