Duchesse silk

Duchesse silk

Silk duchesse is one of the most luxurious silk fabrics. Duchesse silk is a satin surface 100% silk fabric.

Silk duchesse is a fantiasti choice for bridal dresses and evening gowns, but is also perfect for elegant party dresses, skirts and blazers.

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Sample cut

Product no.: 9999-1


Duchesse silk

Product no.: 1802

180.00 / m

Duchesse silk vintage gold

Product no.: 1803-130

140.00 / m

Duchesse silk blend shell pink

Product no.: 1803-600

130.00 / m

Duchesse silk pastel flower

Product no.: 1803-110

220.00 / m

Duchesse silk jacquard flower yellow

Product no.: 1803-220

155.00 / m

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