Is it safe to place a fabric order in Villisilkki web shop?

Does your store have an SSL connection?

Our online store uses an SSL connection to secure the connection between your computer and our store.


Where do  your fabrics come from?

We select fabrics for Villisilkki from selected suppliers in several different countries.


Where can I buy your fabrics?

We do not have resellers. You can only order our products from our online store or come to our store for shopping at Yrjönkatu 12, 00120 Helsinki. Our store has a wider selection than the store; there are more than 2,000 different fabrics on the shelves of our store. Come visit our store or contact us if you cannot find a suitable fabric in our online store.

How do i change my order?

It is usually not possible to combine and change orders after a purchase. We may have already cut the fabrics and packed your order.


How do I place an order in the online store?

Go to the product of your choice. Select the order, then press the "add to cart" button.

Do the same for any other products you may want.

There is a shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Hover the mouse over the word Shopping basket and click with the mouse. This is how you get to the shopping cart. In the shopping cart, you can delete products or change their quantity.

When all the products are as you want, press “Go to checkout”.

Fill in your billing information and check that the products you want to order are displayed correctly.

Choose a delivery method.

Choose payment method.

Click send order.

If you encounter a problem when ordering and these instructions are not helpful, please contact our customer service. We will help you to the best of our ability.


Can the products be ordered as a gift or sent to another address?

You can order as a gift by filling in your own information on the billing information on the checkout page and the “delivery to a different address” box. You will then be able to enter the information of the recipient of the gift. We recommend that you notify the recipient or other recipient of the gift that you have placed the order so that they can wait for the arrival notification.

What is the delivery time of the order?

Within Finland delivery time is 0-8 working days from the delivery method you have chosen.

We all process your order as quickly as possible, but package delivery times are not entirely up to us. Much of the shopping is usually done online and the distribution companies handle large delivery volumes. This can cause delays in both package delivery.

You can see the available delivery methods and their delivery times (total handling and transport time) on the checkout page.

If a wrong product is delivered?

If the content of delivery does not correspond to the receipt / invoice send us an email for further instructions. Returns for incorrectly delivered products are free of charge.

If a product is missing from the delivery?

Please contact our customer service as soon as possible so that we can correct the issue and send you the missing product. The best way to catch us is to call.


I am an entrepreneur in the textile and clothing industry, how do I get a discount?

We allow a 10% discount on purchases for textile and clothing entrepreneurs. You can get the discount by registering as a customer of our store and sending your information to villisilkki (at) villisilkki.fi. For larger quantities call or email us.

To register as a business customer, follow these steps:
Register for the online store as a private customer.
Email to villisilkki@villisilkki.fi  the following information
Name of the company
VAT number
name of the responsible person
type of business
telephone number

After transferring a customer to a business customer group, the business discount is automatically deducted from the total amount of the invoice. The transfer will take place on weekdays within approximately 24 hours of receiving the email. you can check your customer group in My information. 

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