Tweed boucle "chanel" red

Product no.: 6203-331
140.00 / metre(s)


A soft, tweed boucle cotton fabric, often called “Chanel fabric” after the legendary fashion designer’s favorite material. Tweed boucle is woven with fancy yarns that give it the lively, unique look.

  • 60% cotton 26% viskcose 8% polyacryl 3% acetate 2% acryl
  • 140 cm
  • Dry cleaning only


Product Note Status Price
Tweed boucle "chanel" light blue-pink Tweed boucle "chanel" light blue-pink
170.00 € / m
Tweed boucle "chanel" black-greige Tweed boucle "chanel" black-greige
170.00 € / m
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