Heavy silk satins

Heavy silk satins

Heavy silk satins are beautifully draping 100% silk fabricswith matte back and shiny satin weave front side. Silk feels splendid against the skin, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Heavy silk satin can be used in both ways; either shiny satin side up or matte side up. You can play and create beautiful details using silk crepe both ways in the same garment.

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Sample cut

Product no.: 9999-1


Crepe back satin silk heavy

Product no.: 1070

170.00 / m

Heavy satin silk

Product no.: 1071

150.00 / m

Silk cotton peachy pink

Product no.: 1800-300

140.00 / m

Cotton-silk metal satin black

Product no.: 1012-810

95.00 / m

Cotton-silk metal satin ivory

Product no.: 1012-001

95.00 / m

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