Dress code

Dress codes

The dress code provided in the invitation is intended to ease outfit choices and help guests avoid over- or under-dressing.

When the dress code is mentioned on the invitation card, following it will show respect for the occasion and the sender of the invitation.

According to the etiquette, the couple must be dressed to the same standard. The invitation usually mentions the man’s outfit, which defines the woman’s dress choice.


Daytime events

Daytime events include official visits, openings, weddings, home celebrations, institutional inaugurations, cocktail parties and academic daytime parties.

When the dress code for the daytime event is a dark suit, the woman in the corresponding outfit will have a visitation suit for events beginning before 6 p.m. The visitor's dress can be a stylish dress, a light jacket, a uniform combination of a jacket and dress, or a festive trouser outfit.

The shoes used with the visiting suit are slender pumps. The socks are thin and monochromatic, skin-colored, matching the color of the skirt or shoes, in the evening the socks can also be dark. The bag is a small envelope-style, leather handbag or a graceful shoulder bag.

Gloves and a hat are not necessary, but can be worn during the day. The hat should be valuable but light. The decoration of the hat can be feathers, flowers or gauze.

Jewelry is precious jewelry or fantasy jewelry such as rhinestones or glass jewelry. Decorations are used if required by the invitation.

Lightweight jacket, jacket, ulster, boot or stool as outerwear.


When the invitation has a dress code as a dress, the woman has a festive long-sleeved short outfit, a hat, and gloves. The sachet will be worn as a man's day party gown and wedding dress at parties beginning before 6 p.m.


If the invitation code is casual dress, the woman's outfit can be a stylish dress, trouser suit, skirt-jacket combination or other representative and well-groomed basic clothing. Low-key accessories and representative shoes, stylish bag.


The smart casual dress code is not part of the official dress codes, so there are no specific instructions on what clothes and accessories to wear. Smart casual means sophisticated casual wear that is suitable for work or family celebrations. The nature of the occasion affects the dress. You can also ask the organizer of the party how festive the event is and who has been invited.


We are also often asked about a student’s attire to their lawyers.

The most popular outfits for a student party are case dresses and festive trouser suits. The student party is a day party, so evening gowns and back-revealing costumes are considered a etiquette mistake.

The silk, sleeveless case dresses are well suited for a student outfit. Your shoulders don't have to be covered either. Even the student’s outfits should be stylish; light party shoes and a small envelope-style bag that fits the style of the shoes, as well as jewelry suitable for the outfit.


Evening party

Evening dress; the dress code for the invitation card is a tuxedo or dark suit.

The dress is a one-piece or two-piece full-length, ankle-length or knee-length dress made of festive material, or a festive trouser dress. A woman can also wear a tuxedo. The tuxedo is usually used after 6 p.m.

The shoes are slender high heels or party sandals. Thin party socks are chosen according to the color of the outfit. Depending on the nature and outfit of the event, the tuxedo party also features restrained metallic or otherwise restrained decorative socks.

The bag is small and envelope-shaped.

When the label is a dark suit, a woman can wear gloves at an opening or cocktail party.

Jewelry is precious jewelry or fantasy jewelry, such as rhinestone or glass jewelry.

The hat is not usually worn.


Party dress; the dress code for the invitation card is a tailcoat or party dress

Full-length open or strapless dress made of festive material, long gloves. At an academic day party, the suit is long-sleeved, not open-necked. The gloves are short and black.

Skinny, open party shoes. The shoes can be made of a material that matches the color of the party dress. Thin party socks as socks

The bag is graceful, compact, enveloped and of the same shade or material as the shoes.

The gloves are long, extending over the elbow. Wrist gloves are used with the long-sleeved suit.

The evening dress is accompanied by festive jewelery, rhinestones or glass. Tiara or tiara possible. The watch is not used, a jewelry watch is possible.

The hat is not usually worn.

Outerwear; coat, festive jacket, stole, party dress.

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