Marocaine silk

Marocaine silk

Marocaine silk is a luxurious heavily draping, fluidy 100% silk fabric with beautiful crepe finish. Silk feels splendid against the skin, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Marocaine with beautiful matte sheen is ideal for evening wear and wedding gowns, dresses and loose trousers.

If there is text "Click the photo to see all the alternatives", there are several colors in the fabric.




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Marocaine silk

Product no.: 1060

150.00 / m

Sample cut

Product no.: 9999-1


Marocaine silk greige 110 cm

Product no.: 1060-900

110.00 / m

Marocaine silk washed black

Product no.: 1061-810

160.00 / m

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