Silk taffeta

Silk taffeta

Silk taffeta is a woven, smooth surface and beautifully lustrous, crisp type 100% silk fabric. ”Papery” silk taffeta is used for clothes and interior decoration. Silk taffeta can be used for dresses, blazers or trousers, it is popular also in wedding and evening gowns. In interior decoration silk taffeta is used for curtains and pillow covers. A substantial underlining must be used in curtains to protect the fabric from sunlight.

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Silk taffeta 140 cm

Product no.: 1015

76.00 / m

Silk taffeta 160 cm

Product no.: 1016

85.00 / m

Silk taffeta130 cm

Product no.: 1018

85.00 / m

Silk taffeta changeant 130 cm

Product no.: 1017

85.00 / m

Silk polyester taffeta

Product no.: 1019

65.00 / m

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