Shantung and mikado silks

Shantung and mikado silks

Shantung silk is a woven beautifully shining, crisp type 100% silk fabric. Visible, uneven threads in weft are characteristic in dupion silk. Shantung silk is popular for wedding and evening gowns. Shantung silk makes lovely folds and pleats, creating sculptured outfits and corset tops.


Shining Mikado-silk is double face silk fabric and especially beautiful in wide hem gowns.


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Sample cut

Product no.: 9999-1


Shantung silk

Product no.: 1050

130.00 / m

Shantungsilk dot pink-white

Product no.: 1051-600

150.00 / m

Shantungsilk jacquard red

Product no.: 1051-330

190.00 / m

New Mikado silk

Product no.: 1804

125.00 / m

Shantungsilk dot light blue-white

Product no.: 1051-500

150.00 / m

Shantungsilk dot green-white

Product no.: 1051-160

150.00 / m

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